jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Catching Up!

Plenty of time has passed since any art has been posted. The artist, being an artist, lost direction for a while after August of 2011.  The photo below shows the art he is currently constructing.  We miraculously traded our bodega/rental lot for a large lot on the Caribbean Sea, where the back end of it meets a huge lagoon which is all part of the largest protected national preserve in the Yucatán.  Putting together an eco-friendly beach getaway requires an artist with a different outlook.  Have a look at the distraction I mean photos below.  This may not be the site for it, but it is a super important chapter in this artist's life.

He sold some paintings in July to a good friend from the States.  That helped his self-esteem.  Mayan designs are by nature quite simple, even though there are often many small details, the glyphs and designs are rather basic figures.  When you consider that many of these designs were sculpted or painted on temple walls up to and over a thousand years ago.  The paint they made was crude, and who knows what kind of tools they had.  Some folks see the paintings as a bit too simple, but a Mayan-phile will see the accuracy as well as creativity in the Mayan designs.

He has two requests for paintings, but evidently hasn't gotten that inspiration yet.  The painting inspiration returned the past couple of months, and Pablo is really putting out some beautiful artwork.

I'll post a few per post so as to not take up pages and pages of blog space. I will get sizes and dates and names as best I can, but some are still unfinished.

The creative distraction:

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